Container pallets: optimal space use of the 40ft and 20ft containers

Pallets in the Euro format are unable to optimally use space of the 40ft and 20ft freight containers. Remaining gaps have to be filled with other
freight items or bubble bags and that causes additional costs and loss of valuable time. INKA pallets F76 (760 x 1140 mm) and F11 (1140 x 1140 mm) are solution to this problem. Model F11 fits exactly in two rows in a container, while the narrower model F76 can be stored in three rows. Our pallets allow optimal use of the expensive container space down to the last centimeter and faster loading times.

If you cannot use the formats mentioned above, we recommend our industrial format F10 (1000 x 1200 mm). While the cargo area won't be completely filled, the potential of cargo space can be used more optimally.

The container pallets as well as the other INKA pallets correspond to the ISPM15 standard and do not require any special pre-treatment for worldwide export.

Container stowage plans for download