About Inka pallets

INKA Paletten GmbH is one of the largest European manufacturer of disposable pallets made in a similar way like particle board (processed wood according to ISPM15).

The first INKA presswood pallet was made in 1971 in Siegertsbrunn just outside Munich. The registered office of the company is still located there today. In the meantime, INKA Paletten Germany is a member of the globally operating INKA Group. In Benelux-countries INKA pallets are distributed by Presswood Holland and in the UK by INKA Presswood Pallets Ltd. 

INKA presswood pallets are available in all standard sizes, ranging from a ¼ pallet to the CP3 format.

Distribution is carried out via an area-wide distribution network in Europe and numerous other countries worldwide.

INKA pallets are manufactured according to a guaranteed pest-free process. Therefore, INKAs are preeminently suitable for worldwide exportation as a universal cargo carrier. Potential quarantine regulations of various countries (such as ISPM15 / NIMF 15) need not be taken into consideration when using INKA pallets.

INKA celebrates its 50th anniversary

What does the PEFC Chain of Custody certificate mean?


PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is the world’s leading forest certification system. The PEFC Chain of Custody certificate proves the origin of INKA presswood pallets. It demonstrates that INKA pallets are made only from sustainably managed forests.

Using a PEFC label informs our customers about environmentally and socially responsible aspects of our INKA pallets.

PEFC-certificates  to download