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Problemlose Zollkontrolle? Mehr erfahren Sie in unserem Bericht, der in  der aktuellen Fachzeitschrift Zoll.Export veröffentlicht wurde.

Problem-free customs clearance?  Read more about in our article, that was published in the new edition of Zoll.Export magazine.

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Our service helps you with  customs control in all countries participating in ISPM 15.

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The company INKA Paletten distributes presswood pallets almost 50 years. Thanks to many customers and strong dealer network INKA Paletten belongs to the biggest producer of one-way pallets from processed wood


INKA pallet Presswood pallet

Your solution for overseas export
Your display pallet for point of sale
Your place-saving storage
Your container pallet for 20´and 40´ containers

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