Important advice for handling INKA presswood pallets

Inka pallets can be handled as easily as standard wooden pallets – if you follow the following handling tips:

Download: INKA pallets user's tips [PDF] (351 kb)

Store in dry place

  • or use PE covers

Set fork width

  •  Max. 560 mm

Separating stacks

  • Tip forks down slightly
  • and engage with care

Do not push Do not pull

  • Lift load completely


  •  On soft surfaces (such as sacks),
    use cardboard or plywood dividers

Loading and unloading

  •  Always load and unload in a systematic manner, one layer at a time, to maintain the load’s balance and stability

Avoid spot loads and spot pressure


Beam rack

  •  Support the span by use of cross bars

INKA pallets on YouTube

Videos Inkapaletten


Youtube-video 4:13 min.

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