INKA pallet Type F8 LF - EURO format - 800mm x 1200mm

Drive width:  648 mm
Drive height: 100 mm
Entry:  4-way

Dynamic load: *
F 8 LF      max.   900 kg
F 8 LF (s) max. 1,250 kg

Static load:
= 3 x the dynamic load

norm average weight:
F 8 LF      ca. 10,5 kg
F 8 LF (s) ca. 11,5 kg

Packaging unit: 50 units / EURO storing position
Height approximately F 8 LF      ca. 2.00 m
Height approximately F 8 LF (s) ca. 2.10 m

* This pertains to an index of refraction within the framework of a quality test in a laboratory, which was calculated based upon a theoretical surface load. We recommend using test pallets for all cases, with which we will be glad to provide you. Please refer to our User’s Tips.