INKA disposable pallets: optimal sizes and ISPM 15 compliant

There are many areas of application for INKA presswood pallets. Thanks to their optimal formats, they serve not only as a transport pallet or display pallet, but also as a container pallet. The euro size,  800 x 1200 mm, is not always the best size depending on the packaging or means of transport.  In such cases, for example, the INKA half pallet 600 x 800 mm can be used. In addition, we offer container pallets in special formats for overseas containers, which allow optimal loading without gaps.

Inka disposable pallets made from presswood are ISPM-15-compliant and pest-free ex factory. For global export, these IPPC pallets do not require pretreatment or marking as "processed wood". That makes the Inka an ideal export pallet. Our small 1/3-size and 1/4-size pallets, 400 x 800 mm and 400 x 600 mm, are perfect for promotional use as a display pallet at the point of sale. As a disposable pallet, Inka pallets cause no exchange costs and despite their lightweight and space saving design, they can be used for multiple times.


INKA pallets: Overview of all available sizes and types

What are single trip pallets?

Single trip pallets are not exchange pallets, so they can not be changed ''pallet for pallet'' and they do not require a deposit. Despite of their name they can be shipped many times. Disposable pallets are usually applied for single use as an export consignment. They can be made from wood, plastic, presswood etc.

The advantages of disposable presswood pallets:

  • favourable price
  • lightweight
  • space-saving (INKA pallets are nesting pallets  - space-saving till up to 66% in comparision with wooden pallets)
  • various sizes
  • various weight capacities

What sizes do INKA pallets have?

INKA-disposable pallets are from ¼-size till CP3-size available. INKA pallets from presswood have 7 types for various areas of application.

How are presswood pallets made?

INKA pallets are made from sorted industrial waste wood, such as old pallets, wooden chips and sawmill waste is cut and dried. The chips are glued with urea resin and pressed into a mold under high pressure and at high temperature.

How much does an INKA pallet weigh?

A weight of an INKA pallet depends on its size. Small INKA pallets weigh approx. 3 kg, the weight of big pallets for containers is ca. 18 kg.