Single-trip pallets

Single-trip pallets: a wide range of formats at an attractive price

Single-trip pallets have significant market relevance. Germany, the world’s leading exporter, has the highest demand for disposable pallets in Europe. Although the Euro pallets, i.e. pool pallets that meet the criteria of EPAL (European Pallet Association), have come to the fore here, approx. 40 million disposable pallets are sold each year in Germany alone. This figure roughly equates to the number of Euro pallet sales. Single-trip pallets even have the edge in other European countries.

Cost-effective load carriers in export shipping

One-way pallets are preferred if the Euro format (800x1200 mm) does not provide the optimum solution for the size of the products or their packaging units, or if exchange is not viable in export. Single-trip pallets are cost-effective load carriers for export shipping. INKA produces disposable pallets made of compressed wood chips in optimum formats for ISO containers, which are used in overseas transportation. Our presswood pallets conform to “processed wood” in accordance with ISPM15 of the IPPC. They can therefore be used for global export.

Disposable pallets save space and preserve the environment

A throwaway “half” pallet (600x800 mm) is often enough, and takes up less space in the lorry, wagon or ISO container. We produce half-pallets (600x800 mm), quarter-pallets (400x600 mm), third-pallets (400x800 mm) and industrialpallets (1000x1200 mm) made of compressed wood chips. Our wide range of pallet formats enables optimum loading of trucks and not only saves on transportation costs, but also reduces CO2 emissions. Great news for the environment! Small formats are often used as display pallets at the POS (points of sale). These are particularly suitable for products that are on sale in secondary displays in supermarkets.

Single-trip pallets are also reusable pallets

Disposable pallets are inexpensive to buy and do not give rise to any exchange or administrative costs. Although they are lighter than Euro pool pallets, they can also be used several times. The respective exporter generally uses the non-returnable pallet several times. However, used disposable pallets are also traded, and consequently they are used several times.