What does ISPM15 / NIMF15 mean?

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM15, known as NIMF15 in Spanish-speaking countries) is a comprehensive body of directives concerning importation regulations for wood packaging and wooden pallets developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

The ISPM15 / NIMF15 has no direct enforcement in the individual countries, but increasing numbers of countries are implementing the regulations into national law. China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile and India have already implemented these directives into national by-laws. Additional countries will soon follow.

These guidelines are for the protection of native plant species from foreign pests. In normal wooden crates and pallets, beetles and larvae from other countries have often been found. In a new environment without natural predators, they can soon become a menace.

Therefore, non-manufactured wood cargo carriers may only cross the borders of countries adhering to ISPM15 / NIMF15 guidelines after extensive fumigation treatment with the insecticide Methyl bromide or following heat treatment.

Thus, at the border of an ISPM15 / NIMF15 country, exporters of consignments not sent on a cargo carrier in accordance with ISPM15 / NIMF15 guidelines could be faced with an expensive on-the-spot after treatment and in extreme cases, customs authorities may even go so far as to deny entry to the consignment at all.

Why do INKA pallets not need ISPM15 / NIMF15 treatments?
INKA pallets are made of dried wood shavings and pressed into form under pressure and heat, similar to particle board.

INKA pallets are thus classified as "processed wood" in terms of ISPM15 / NIMF15 and do not therefore fall under the regulations of the comprehensive body of directives for non-manufactured wood. The heat treatment or fumigation treatments with the insecticide Methyl bromide required of solid wood pallets as well as an IPPC marking are not necessary for INKA pallets!

Your advantage: problem-free exportation in all countries worldwide!

Manufacturers certificate and export documents free of charge for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile and other countries can be found here.

Additional information concerning "Exportation regulations for wood packaging" can be found here:

[The IPPC is a sub-organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO]

Plant Health Organisation Germany, english website

Air freight - EU-Air safety act 2013

Since March 2013 we have strict safety rules for aircargo in the EU. Shipments should be packed in a way that later manipulation is impossible or apperent. No problem with Inka-pallets.

With shipments on pallets in general please take care about the following: 

- stow the parcels or goods so they cover the complete surface of the pallet or

- stretch/shrink parcels or goods with plastic in order to cover the pallet's surface completely.

INKA-pallets offer a special advantage for air freight. They are moulded as one piece. There are no gaps between boards. They provide a surface which is completely closed against the ground.